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trade name Sankosha Co., Ltd.
Established November 3 1944
Incorporated May 2 1949
Capital 100 million yen
Stocks 21,845,440
Number of employees 146
Head office 3-20-9 Marunouchi, Naka-ku, Nagoya, JAPAN 460-0002
Phone: 052-961-2211 / Fax: 052-962-0680
Tokyo office 1-16-3 Nishi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 105-0003
Phone: 03-5501-7071 / Fax: 03-3593-2388
Osaka office 1-3-18 Nishi-honmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka, JAPAN 550-0005
Phone: 06-6536-8836 / Fax: 06-6536-8827
Shizuoka office 12-8 Koyamachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka, JAPAN 420-0852
Phone: 054-254-7321 / Fax: 054-255-0229
Hiroshima office 2-27 Tatemachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima, JAPAN 730-0032
Phone: 082-207-1051 / Fax: 082-207-1052
Fiscal Year From June 1 to May 31
Affiliated Company Meiko Kaihatsu Co., Ltd
Obara Country Club
Sankosha Communication Design


President-Chief Executive Officer Koji Kawamura
Senior Managing Director Hirotada Matsunami
Managing Director Hiroki Murayama
Director Kenichi Mabuchi
Director Satoshi Hasegawa
Director Tsuguya Miyata
Director Akihito Yamamoto
Director Joji Yoshino
Director Kazuaki Otake
Auditor Tokuyuki Kanamori

Corporate History

1944 Kinya Matsunami established an advertising agency,Sankosha,in Nagoya.
1948 Established Osaka branch office.
1949 Sankosha was reorganized to a joint-stock company.Kinya Matsunami was appointed to the president of the company. Expanded the printing prosess production department,increasing type setting type founding and other related machineries.
1950 Established Tokyo branch office.
1958 Established Shizuoka branch office.
1959 Established Hiroshima branch office.Completed a new Sankosha head office building in Nagoya.
1962 Completed Tokyo Sanko Building.
1964 Completed a new extended Sankosha Building of Nagoya head office.
1967 Established Hamamatsu branch office.
1968 Completed Sanko Building in Shizuoka.
1984 Glorious Step in 40years.
1989 Capital increase to 100.8million yen
1990 Completed Sanko-Nishiki Building. Presentation Hall opened on 9th floor.
1994 Celebrated 50th anniversary.
1995 “50 Years of Sankosha Co.,Ltd.” published.
1996 Started internet business.
1999 Started business exchange program with Starr Seigle Communications in Honolulu,Hawaii.
2000 To celebrated 56th anniversary,we built our new head office building.
2001 Joined the membership of AMIN(North America)Kinya Matsunami was appointed Chairman Teiji Kawamura was appointed President board of directors
2004 “60 Years of Sankosha Co.,Ltd.” published.
2006 Acquired the Privacy Mark In partnership with Grey Worldwide, Inc.
2008 Teiji Kawamura was appointed Chairman Yoriaki Matsunami was appointed President board of directors
2009 “65 Years of Sankosha Co.,Ltd.” published.
2010 Chairman Teiji Kawamura was honored” Yoshida Hideo Memorial Award”
2012 Chairman Teiji Kawamura was conferred on the “Medal with Yellow Ribbon” by the great contribution of the advertising industry.
2014 “70 Years of Sankosha Co.,Ltd.” published.
2015 Koji Kawamura was appointed President board of directors

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