'PROSPERITY SUPPORT' = We support your business prosperity.

The prosperity support service is to help with “the profit pursuit” of the client. But the profit here is not only so-called profit or gains. Naturally for many companies the securing of profit by sales promotion and the attracting customers such as “make big sales” or “people gather” are the first priority.

However, it’s necessary to act “gaining recognition and popularity”, to “raise the understanding of a business condition and the service”, to “recruit talented people” to ”express thoughts and attitude” which do not to lay a profit immediately. If you will ignore or neglect these activities it will becomes difficult to get a high evaluation from the market widely. And even the pursuit of “the profit” does not finally go as expected. There was the company that deceived consumers, and raised a profit, but the recovery of the trust that they lost was not an easy thing.
The profit pursuit that we support defines the thing of a wide range in this way.

Depend on the case, we sometimes advise even the strict matter that clients don’t notice or think about, to maintain their healthy development of the duties. We can say this is a real support. To proceed these services we need the know-how of the “marketing consulting” based on abundant experience and the data. It should be the real consulting foreseeing the consumers and the dwellers.

For the concrete development of this consulting plan, we manage the staffs who are specialized in “most suitable media use,” “creative expression” and “event operation”.
Not only suggestion but also we provide the powerful activities as full-service advertising agency of “Business Prosperity Support”.